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5 Must-Try Diverse Tastings in Houston

Visiting Houston? Or are you local that’s tired of eating at the same places? Check out this list of 5 must-try diverse restaurants for your next night out in Houston!

Written by consultant and Houston food & fitness blogger, Sania Hadimohd.

#1-Killen’s Barbecue


Local Houstonians and BBQ connoisseurs will know the name at the top of this list. Killen’s Barbecue is worth the hype in every way. From the juicy, perfectly seasoned, melt-in-your mouth brisket to the out-of-this world banana pudding – nothing on the menu disappoints. But what is good BBQ without the perfect sauce? Killen’s sauce selection ranges from tangy to sweet; and if you’re feeling a little adventurous the coffee infused sauce is sure to awaken your taste buds. Pick-your-own sides provides a plethora of options, even for those with any dietary restrictions. Interested yet? Just remember to get there early, as the weekend lines can be a grueling affair. But ask any Houstonian, it’s well worth the wait!

#2-Crawfish & Noodles

dish of food

Messy eaters welcome. Crawfish & Noodles stays true to its name. The little joint was featured on David Chang’s, “Ugly Delicious” series, and specializes in flavors unique to Houston from fresh, local seafood. Crawfish enthusiasts will agree that nothing is better than garlic butter on a hot piece of tail. Not sure how much to order? No problem. Your server can advise on the quantity and will show you how to crack the blue crab (it’s harder than it seems). For non-crawfish lovers, they also have an incredible selection of soup, butterfly shrimp, and catfish fries, just to name a few. If you go at the right time, a deal of 6 lbs. for $60 dollars can be yours!

#3-Phoenicia Specialty Foods & MKT Bar


Imagine a place as big as big as four and a half basketball courts (or 28,000 Sq. ft. to be exact) with an endless supply of over 10,000 fine products from 50 countries. Just visit Phoenicia Specialty Foods & MKT Bar. Family owned and operated since 1983, Phoenicia is a local favorite for those all around Houston. It just so happens to be a stop in the downtown leading culinary experience, Best Bites Houston’s Bites & Sites Food Tour. With multiple seasonal items, you can never get tired of visiting. From an incredible wine selection at MKT Bar, the mouthwatering bakery, to coffee and gelato, Phoenicia does it all. Come see for yourself and enjoy some of the best baklava in town.

#4-Flying Idlis


Let’s traverse to the next uniquely delicious tasting, Flying Idlis! This “Indian breakfast joint” is the premier Idli stop on your way around the city. These savory rice cakes are a popular breakfast food in the Indian subcontinent. The batter fermentation process breaks down the starches to be metabolized by the body faster, making it a staple for those that are into eating healthy. The most delicious part comes when you dunk these in Sambar, a lentil based stew, or dip them into the coconut chutney. The varieties of chutneys/Sambar/Idli combos are endless, allowing you to create your own perfect dish. The final touch is their remarkable filter coffee that pairs perfectly with the flavorful Idli Sambar combo, leaving a lasting imprint that will keep you coming back for more.

#5-The Breakfast Klub

breakfast food

Finally, we reach my personal favorite, The Breakfast Klub. This renowned restaurant has both Barack Obama’s and Beyoncé’s stamp of approval. This unique soul food joint has arguably been called “the best breakfast in town”. Even if you are just passing through town, you can grab some at their second location in IAH airport near Terminal A. Some of their mouthwatering specialties include Katfish Grits, but their signature Wings and Waffles are sure to blow your taste buds away. The Texas sized waffle is crispy on the edges, fluffy in the middle, providing a seamless contrast to the wings. The chicken is also cooked to a perfect, golden brown. Best of all, the Klub’s core values on empowering the community make it about more than just food. The Breakfast Klub is truly the soul of Houston.

& that’s a wrap! Be sure to connect with us on Facebook and Instagram for other dining ideas and much, much more!