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5 Things to do in Houston before the Summer Ends

Before the tan lines fade, soak up the sun (as if the sun ever goes away in Houston) with a final few outings in the Houston area.

people on a food tour

Check out my top 5 recommendations before August ends!

A Movie or Live Performance at Miller Outdoor Theatre

people at an outdoor concert

The first of item on our list requires a picnic blanket, a snack bag and a partner (or three). Watch classics like Grease and Black Panther at the open air Miller Outdoor theater for free (including parking). To see a full list of events and plays happening, visit the miller outdoor theater website or click the calendar to see more. Didn’t bring your own snacks? You can always check out the concession stands and support local businesses of the area.

Underground Beer Garden

people at a bar

When the time for lounging at the pool comes too and end, visit The Conservatory for night away. As Houston’s first underground pub and food hall, it’s the perfect place to take new friends, family and out of towners. The options are endless with over 60 types of beer spanning local, national and international borders. You can finds something for everyone. If that isn’t enough reason to go, the establishment also offers a wine dive by the glass, or make the night interesting by ordering a bottle. Either way, you won’t regret it. The cherry on top is the assortment of appetizers, meats and tacos to complete the night. Making it a one stop shop for everyone in your party. The food hall has options ranging from Pizza Joints to Pho Bars.  Grab a little bit from a few places and sit down family style for a night to remember. This also makes it a great place to come back more than once, as there are always new things to try!

Downtown Houston Food Tour

plate of food

Speaking of food, Coffee Shops, local joints, and Tex-Mex options are endless. But if you truly want a taste of Houston, try the Houston Bites and Sites Food Tour. Founded on the basis of bringing together mouthwatering food, friends and local fair, the company prides itself on its carefully constructed tastings. In three hours, you travel from elevated soul food to a 36 year old Shawarma recipe. The tour offers a side of Houston immersion that even most locals haven’t seen. The tour guides unmatched energy, along with the meticulous flow of tidbits are paired with impeccable chefs’ classics that offer an experience worth trying. The best part? you can always book a private tour and tailor it to match your needs with just a minimum of 6 guests! Want to go on a public Saturday tour? Just use code “SUMMER19” to get 10% off your next tour! 

Massiv Fun in Galveston

water park

If you’ve had enough drinking and eating this summer, try your hand at the world’s tallest roller coaster. Yes, yes it is actually in Galveston! The ride called “Massiv” Monster Blaster is named after the German word for Massive, go figure at Schlitterbahn Galveston. All it takes 123 steps to get to the top of the 81 foot coaster. Luckily schools are out so you can visit on a weekday if you want to beat the weekend crowds. Not a daredevil? No problem, you can hit the rivers, pools, hot tubs and don’t forget the swim up bars. You are welcome to bring your own food and drinks, but there are also plenty of food options inside. And if you really want to make it a day, rent a full day cabana, bring a portable speaker and have your own private party.

50th Year Anniversary at NASA

kids celebrating

Houston is known for more than just food and drinks. Take your family out to the NASA space center for a day of learning on all that the industry has to offer. With VR stimulation where you can experience spacewalk, to lunch with a real life Astronaut. The Space center is a perfect place to launch your children’s interests into the interstellar. Overall, the space center boasts over 400 things to see and do! Make a quick stop at the gift shop on your way out for some space food, especially the famous Astronaut Ice Cream sandwich that has been freeze dried, or pick up an Apollo 11 Fifty Year Anniversary Collectible. While out of towner’s flock to NASA, you’d be surprised at the vast majority of Local Houstonians that have never truly visited the wonderful Space Center in our own backyards!

Sania Hadimohd

Sania Hadimohd is a consultant turned writer from Texas. Her musings range from food to wellness. In her spare time, Sania teaches Bollywood fitness classes and aspires to stay actively involved in her community.