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6 New and Exciting Team Building Activities in Houston

There are many things to do in the city of Houston. We’ve compiled a short list of new and exciting activities that encourages team building!

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6 New and Exciting Team Building Activities in Houston

The monotony and stress of every day work life can have negative impacts in many individuals at the workplace. It can cause a lack of productivity and even mistakes at work. Team building is necessary in order to develop cohesiveness and create enthusiasm in the workplace. It is a valuable investment that can help employees get to know one another, improve morale, and lead to a more collaborative culture in the workplace. There are a plethora of things to do in the great city of Houston that encourages team building. We’ve compiled a short list of fun activities that are sure to help strengthen and refresh any team!

#1 – Axe throwing

What better way to relieve all that office stress than by throwing axes? It is definitely the most unique team building activity in the list. Trained “Axeperts” at Houston Axe Throwing will train you on the techniques of axe throwing. They even have team based and tournament style games to add a fun touch of competitiveness into the mix. I mean, cmon. Who doesn’t wanna throw an axe at least once in their life?

#2 – Escape Room

This challenge really does require teamwork and focus in order to accomplish the goal of escaping. Players will need to find clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tricky tasks with limited time. Critical thinking and attention to detail is very important parallel to a work setting. Communication is also key. Each person will have their strengths, some may be more logical while others more fluid in their methods. Being team focused will ensure a successful escape room outing.

Escape Rooms feature different themes and experiences and are located throughout Houston.

#3 – Houston Food Tour

The diversity of Houston is the reason we have such amazing and delectable cuisines. One way to experience this culinary diversity in condensed form is through a Best Bites Houston Food Tour. This food tour, which takes place in Downtown Houston, offers multiple tastings and alcoholic pairings from unique restaurants in the area. In between tastings, guests explore and learn about the beautiful city of Houston. There is plenty of time to socialize throughout. Because of the nature of the tour, you’re constantly connecting with different members of your team, thus creating stronger interpersonal relationships between employees.

You can have anywhere from 6 to 35 people during this private tour experience. Let’s be honest – who doesn’t have fun eating delicious bites, sipping on custom craft cocktails, and mingling with each other?

#4 – Top Golf

Top Golf found a way to modernize golf by transforming it into an interactive game where you score points by hitting micro-chipped golf balls at targets on the field. Each venue features climate-controlled bays with space for small or large groups. The delicious food and drinks, combined with the eclectic atmosphere, make Top Golf a great setting for any social gathering. Come on a Tuesday and pay half price for each bay!

#5 – Station Theater

The best solution to office stress and fatigue? Laughter, of course! Station Theater is a comedy performance space that offers improv, sketch comedy, and stand-up comedy shows. It is available for team building events and might be just what is needed to ease tensions in the workplace and heal the soul through the power of comedy. It is very affordable and BYOB. This unconventional team building activity might be what’s needed to energize any workplace!

#6 – Pinot’s Palette

Art therapy is known to alleviate stress and anxiety. It’s a way to unburden yourself not just from work problems, but also life problems. Combine that with a glass of wine and you’ll be in a state of bliss. That is exactly what Pinot’s Palette offers. You can connect with fellow coworkers to paint and sip wine, while a local artist guides you to create your own masterpiece. Catering, bartending, and other services are often included. They’ll even work with the client to create a unique painting for any team building event.

We hope you enjoyed this list of new and exciting team building ideas in Houston. These activities will guarantee a boost in employee morale which will cultivate long-term success and create a team-spirit that every business needs to thrive! At the least, its a great way to escape temporarily from the stresses of everyday work-life and get lost in an interesting and enjoyable experience.