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5 Things to do in Houston this Fall

This list of outdoor activities will give you enough push to get you out to enjoy the crisp, cool breeze of fall in Houston!

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5 Things to do in Houston this Fall

IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEARRRR. So the weather has finally started to cool off, and you’re often finding yourself wondering about some fun activities to do in the Greater Houston area. Have no fear, Best Bites is here!!…to give you not one, not two, but FIVE reasons to FALL in love with Houston even more (see what I did there?).

This list of outdoor activities will give you enough push to get you out to enjoy the crisp, cool breeze of fall while getting a beautiful taste of what this city has to offer. I mean, we deserve it, right? We have spent too many months dealing with frizzy hair, over-producing sweat glands, humidity, and mosquito-filled weather. Without further ado, pull out your calendars and follow along to start planning your next several fun-filled activities!

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

We find ourselves wanting to take a harvest-filled photo around this time of the year but often find it difficult to pick the perfect patch to go to as a date or family day. One must-go-to place that we recommend for some seasonal fun is Blessington Farms’ Pumpkin Patch & Fall Festival, which is located less than an hour from Downtown Houston. From huge slides to hayrides, you can find so many fun activities appropriate for all ages here. Another must-see patch to visit is the Old Time Christmas Tree Farm. With a location of only 40 minutes from Downtown Houston, you can catch yourself in choosing between 8 different attractions and enjoying a delicious snow-cone or funnel cake, all while experiencing the true Texan farm feel. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your pet for the family photos too. YEEHAW!

#2: Enjoy a Park

The weather is cooler, the leaves are changing colors and FALLing to the ground. So what does that mean? It means GO OUTDOORS and enjoy what these parks have to offer! From November to early February, Discovery Green has the largest outdoor skating rink in Southwest Houston – measuring at 7,716 sq. ft – located in the heart of a stunning 12-acre Houston inspired urban park. If you feel like doing something more on the “chillax” side, then grab your picnic blankets and head to Market Square Park. You can truly sense the Houston community while gaining an appreciation for the mosaic artwork all around the park. Another must-do activity to do is visit Hermann Park, a 445-acre land located just minutes from Downtown Houston. With an outdoor theater to an extensive jogging track to beautiful gardens and nature, you really can’t go wrong with a day here. Speaking of nature, the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center is a definite yes for those who love and have a deep appreciation for the outdoors. You can walk miles and miles of trails alongside learning about the environment and experiencing the natural world.

#3: Best Bites Houston Food Tour

Want a more intimate but fun activity to do alone or with a group? Enjoy a tour on a Saturday or schedule a private food tour with 6 or more of your friends anytime during the week! While enjoying this beautiful weather, you will not only learn about hidden Houston secrets in between restaurant tastings but will also get a taste of the city life. The savory food paired with the fall-themed alcoholic drinks will have to wonder why you never booked a Best Bites tour earlier. What are you waiting for? Go reserve your tour now!

#4: Go to Via Colori

Feel like doing something more artsy? Be sure to check out the 14th annual Via Colori Street Painting Festival on November 23rd and 24th. An eventful weekend that features chalk-based murals on the streets of downtown Houston from over 200 local, national and international artists. If you think that sounds good, you’re not ready for what’s about to be said. Okay, ready now? ALL proceeds benefit The Center for Hearing and Speech, which ultimately funds health and educational services for children with hearing loss around the Greater Houston area. Brb, going to purchase our tix now!

#5: RenFest

Looking for one more thing to add to your list of outdoor activities? Visit The Texas Renaissance Festival from now through December 1st. With 55-acres of fun, you won’t regret spending the entire day with Renaissance-themed live entertainment, interactive characters, food and shopping vendors, and hand-powered rides and games. Thou shalt taketh a trip to the RenFest!

Alrighty, so all good things must come to an end. But actually, and especially after reading this article, the good part should just be beginning for you now that you have many fun activities to do! We hope that you choose at least 2 things to do out of this list – and please be sure to tag us in your photos on Instagram and Facebook. Bye for now!

Sanam Duester

Sanam Duester received her B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies from the UHD. With a passion in life to help others in an uplifting, enriching, and loving way, she practices this in her daily work- and out-of-work life. Sanam currently works for ChildBuilders; a non-profit organization that proactively promotes mental health by preventing child abuse.